Holistic Path of Happiness & Health

Holistic Path of Happiness & Health

I'm Cynthia. I blog about healing, spirituality, health and sometimes my many dreams - things very close to my heart. Be Happy. Live Healthy.
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Photo taken after my charity yoga class on April 5. Two of the four kids that attended with their mums! Kotaro, aka jungle boy with dreadlocks, is soooo adorable! Love him lots!!

You need to learn to direct your life force consciously into the kind of thoughts that will return positive energy to you.
Why People Don’t Heal And How They Can by Caroline Myss

Almond Flour Blueberry Muffins (with raisins and coconut flakes too)

They’re the tastiest muffins I’ve made so far!

Refer to the recipe here!

Hanami season in Japan :) Everyone’s out admiring the beautiful blossoms, and we’ve been blessed with amazing weather during the peak now. This is Japan’s most picturesque season. I especially love taking walks in April and May (fresh green and lovely breezes) ♥

Taking a mini break in Tokyo. Beauty (my friend’s artwork) and a good homemade breakfast are healing :)

I’m going to be doing a charity yoga class for young kids at this beautiful studio this coming weekend. All the money raised will be donated to the victims of the March 11 disaster. The studio has yoga, dance and taichi lessons. Unlike most Tokyo dance studios, the rooms are spacious, well lit with sunlight, and greet you with the natural scents of wood. I fell in love with the studio immediately! It also runs on solar power and the studio walls are made of natural wood. And it carries fair trade and natural products too. The owner of the studio, a dancer, has a beautiful three year old kid who has natural dreadlocks (very uncommon for Japanese people), and has never had his hair cut. He was acting like a jungle boy - jumping on the trampoline and riding fearlessly in the studio on his strider bike (bike with no pedals). Cuteness!! Very different from conventional kids and you can immediately tell he has a special upbringing (Kai would say he’s a hippy kid!) I’m looking forward to having him in my yoga class :)

Something to call for celebration! My partner, Kai, just had his permaculture articles published in this beautiful coffee table like book, “Sustainability [R]evolution”. Two books (in Japanese) about him and his Tokyo Urban Permaculture project are also now in the making. There’s also a possibility of a book tour in Japan this year! He’s living my book dream!

Last year, I contributed a few articles to a book project titled Sustainability [R]evolution. It has now been published and is quite a beautiful book showcasing permaculture sites from around the world. Articles I wrote are Bullocks Permaculture Homestead (with Scott), City Repair (with Adelaide), Maa Bueng Eco-Farm, Chinampas, and natural farming.
Below is the message from the editors
It’s been a long and winding, nearly 8 year journey, but the Sustainable [R]evolution book is now in print—all 352 pages with 60 sites profiled!   It looks gorgeous, thanks to the high-quality recycled matte paper the press used to showcase Erika Rand’s incredible layout design, and includes thousands of color photos of inspiring sites all around the globe.  We are also very honored to have had environmentalist Paul Hawken write the book’s compelling foreword, and to have included work by luminaries such as David Holmgren (co-founder of the permaculture concept), Starhawk, and Dr.Vandana Shiva. We hope you’ll be inspired and that it can become the outreach piece we’ve dreamed it could be, drawing new permaculture revolutionaries to join the movement.

Sustainable [R]evolution is officially available at bookstores everywhere as of February 25. Getting books straight from our organization at CultureofPermaculture.org is the best for us.  Another good way to get the book is to put in an order at a local independent bookstore, which tend to get extra copies to sell if a customer requests one. Stores can order wholesale from Random House. If you are connected with or have suggestions for a store you think should sell the book, let us know. For international shipping Amazon offers the cheapest option.  And the eBook will be available on March 25.
Also, even if you don’t order from them, please consider going to Amazon and rating the book, as well as giving a customer review. 
This helps a lot!

We are so grateful for your support, community… stay tuned for details about our launch party and other events.

¡Viva La Evolución! 

Tofu steak with homemade miso and homegrown spring onions. Tofu made at a local tofu store.

The beauty of practice :) Coconut flour crepe with kimchi and homemade pickled radish. Last week, I wanted to have banana crepes so Kai made whipped cream with organic coconut sugar (always very supportive of my gluten free cooking experiments!), and I made a really beautiful dessert crepe. Wished I’d taken a picture of it!

Human beings do not create beauty just for themselves. We do not walk alone. Our highest purposes, greatest dreams, and deepest needs are realized in relationship.
Mark Money from Permaculture Activist